The Django Riders are the chosen ones! 

The Django Riders is a four piece folk/ rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee. The Django Rider’s music ranges from “let’s sit and chill” to bubbly and feel good. So pretty much- no matter your mood, they have a song for you. The vocals have a raspy sort of grunge to them, and there is always a  wicked groove to accompany them. This has definitely helped TDR stand out in the folk rock scene. With all three of their nominations for the Nashville Universe Awards (“Entertainer of the Year,” “Song of the Year,” and “Songwriter of the Year”), their success has proven to turn some heads. Be sure to give these guys a listen and be on the look out because things are looking pretty bright for them!

If you are in Tennessee and get the chance, drop by one of their gigs and vibe with them! Their next shows can be found here

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